IronStringA Fine Tapestry of Poetic Exploration

3 star

By Annie Lighthart
Airlie Press, $15.00, 69 pages

Annie Lighthart’s collection of poems Iron String presents a unique kind of poetic work. The forty-nine poems in this book are stimulating to one’s thought, and in literary terms will be considered adventurous as each poem takes the reader’s imagination deeper into the scene where it starts.

It takes a skilled wordsmith to blend narrative with a commentarial mood without compromising the element of wonder and many of Annie Lighthart’s poems in this collection are a good example of this skill. Some of the gems reflecting such poetic finesse in the book include: “When Sleep Dissolved the Body”, “The Sound of It”, “Household”, “The Kindness of the Cello”, and “The Sea Lion Tank”.

“To look at even one petal is to see your life hidden everywhere.”

Readers will likely feel a strong aura of nature and life in these pages, words breathing and creating a kind of music that has a message of hope but also a call for deeper exploration into personal connections and memories. The poems are rich in metaphor and many read as uplifting messages created from reflection on a story relived in imagination. Iron String is highly recommended for lovers of good poetry and fine literary taste.

Reviewed by Ernest Dempsey[amazon text=Buy On Amazon&asin=098210667X][amazon text=Buy On Amazon&template=carousel&asin=098210667X]