SomedayisNowA Nun’s Work!


Edited by Ian Berry & Michael Duncan
Prestel, $49.95, 257 pages

Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent is a gorgeous representation of what an art book can be. Opening with a detailed essay about the Catholic nun’s radical politics, pop art, and passion, it encompasses not only a the life work of an artist and teacher, but also offers a contextual look into the time in which she lived. Kent inspired those around her to create a movement of activists, as well as raised public awareness via large-scale murals that made visible racial and political injustices. The book is a visual example of how Kent articulated the feeling of the unrest of her time through colorful, evocative screen prints. Someday is Now is a full depiction of Sister Kent’s portfolo, with 300 prints full of neon colors, text, magazine cut outs, religious motifs. Interviews with Kent give insight into the heart of her work and her brave convictions. The colors and quality of this book is the next best thing to going to the retrospective of Kent’s art – an excellent specimen of an exhibition book.

Reviewed by Giovanna Marcus

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