By Dani Pettrey
Bethany House, $14.99, 352 pages

Darcy St. James embarks on a chilling adventure when longtime friend and fellow reporter, Abby, frantically asks for her help. When Abby disappears off the cruise ship the Bering, Darcy comes to realize that more is at stake than just a story. Darcy determinedly pursues her friend and follows the clues that are left to her. Coincidentally, Gage McKenna boards the Bering to lead adventure excursions, and Darcy is once again thrust with her crush, and the entire McKenna clan whom she previously fell in love with. With the help of the McKenna’s, Darcy races to find her friend before it’s too late.

Dani Pettrey once again forms an exquisite story rich in thrills and romance. The chemistry between Darcy and Gage is thrilling as well as endearing. Gage’s struggle to accept Christ into his life throws a dynamic into the story that is not often seen in romantic suspense, making Stranded a sparkling gem in the genre. The only problem with the book was that the struggle to accept Christ was way too similar to the struggle in Shattered, Pettrey’s previous novel. This could be a pattern in Pettrey’s next two books, which would take away from the unique stories she has created so far. Other than that, Stranded was a great adventure and gripping thrilled laced with heart racing romance.

Reviewed by Lindy Gervin

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