ArtDecoPosterInformative and Stunning Collection of Art Deco Posters


By William W. Crouse
Vendome Press, $65.00, 296 pages

The Art Deco Poster is a beautiful book. The pages are thick and shiny and the 300 color, and black and white illustrations are crisply printed. In the 1920s these posters with their dynamic design, colorful depictions and powerful art persuaded consumers to purchase various objects. The passersby in urban landscapes easily read the streamlined graphics. In the 1920s the designs were energetic as an emerging middle class began to have money to spend while posters from the 1930s are more somber as the Depression takes hold. In the very least, the posters showed the mood of the times as the industrial age took hold. The book is divided by topic such as aviation, automobiles, leisure, fashion, travel and tourism. Each poster is noted with title, artist, year and size. They are also accompanied by explanation text to give the reader more information about the poster and its influences.

“In the 1920s, dynamic design became the most effective means of persuading customers to buy a particular product.”

The simplicity of design, color and typeface make these posters unique. The posters represent global events and are in many languages. The Art Deco Poster is as informative as it is stunning. Anyone interested in life in the 1920s and 30s, as well as graphic design will fantasize about this book. This book is a rare find showing how life and art intersects to create and elevate posters to art.

Reviewed  by Seniye Groff

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