DisasterPreppersOrganizerInvaluable Tool During a Disaster


By Walter Jacob Mullin
Adams Media, $15.99, 208 pages

The best way to offset a disaster is to be prepared for it. With Walter Jacob Mullin’s The Disaster Prepper’s Organizer you will undoubtedly be prepared. This thoughtful organizer has considered all possibilities during a disastrous event. There are nine sections and a very comprehensive introduction. Topics include getting out, pets, and first-aid basics. Chapters have lists with room to make notes and complete pertinent information. I loved the section where the reader can track possessions in case items need to be replaced. Medical history is another section that is very detailed with areas to complete. There is even a plastic pocket to store important papers or even a disc. Key points are highlighted in a red box and lists are numbered to make for easy reading and scanning of information.

“Not having a well-planned first-aid kit will leave you vulnerable and can put you and your family in even more danger if an accident arises.”

The Disaster Prepper’s Organizer is a tool that will keep one organized and help the reader consider items that they probably have not considered. I cannot imagine a better tool during a time of crisis that will be confusing and emotionally charged.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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