UnlimitedSalesSuccessAction-Oriented Resource with Tons of Great Information


By Brian Tracy & Michael Tracy
Amacom, $22.95, 272 pages

Asking good questions and listening to the customer’s answers follows the Law of Cause and Effect according to Brian Tracy in his book, Unlimited Sales Success. Tracy offers seven new realities of selling today. Customers are more demanding and selling is more complex. Chapters include the psychology of selling, personal sales planning and prospecting power. There are personal stories, business examples and lots of practical advice. Each chapter ends with Action Exercises to get the reader to think more about the content presented and take at least one action as a result of the chapter’s material.

“Be completely professional in everything you say or do.  As a doctor of selling, you have a ‘code of ethics’ that you follow with every patient (customer). You treat each customer with respect and professionalism.”

From prospecting to closing the sale, Tracy gives sound and practical advice time-tested from years in the sales ranks. This book is the next best thing to have Tracy at your back coaching you along the way to success. Read this book, highlight the key information for your situation and most importantly take action to see your sales soar!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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