UntoldLet’s Talk About Our Feelings In This Book


By Sarah Rees Brennan
Random House Children’s Books, $18.99, 370 pages

Picking up right where Unspoken stopped, Untold is a quite a change of pace. Kami has broken the link between her and Jared, but this English town will experience more testing of loyalties as two sides emerge and the people are forced to make a choice. Fight or go back to serving up sacrifices under Rob Lynburn.

Sarah Rees Brennan once again deftly writes her readers into another world. What makes this series attractive is the ease and capability with which the impossible happens. Although fictional, Sorry-in-the-Vale could be a town off any backcountry road. It feels that alive! While both setting and characters are magnificent, the lack of action was slightly disappointing, and the plot could have been condensed to make it thicker. Untold is mostly an untangling of character emotions and individual struggles, which while entertaining, dramatically slows the pacing of the story from the first book. Still, the way the town and its inhabitants create a humorous but grim atmosphere, Untold will have readers wanting to see the series through until the end.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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