BeyondChicTreasure Trove of Beautiful Designer Homes


By Ivan Terestchenko
Vendome Press, $85.00, 284 pages

Beyond Chic highlights great fashion designers’ homes. Nineteen fabulous homes are covered in this detailed, unique book. Each designer is introduced with a single-page of introductory information including biography, location and year photographed followed by several pages of full color, full page photographs. It is interesting to see how these great artists’ tastes are reflected in their residences. Most designers have eclectic pieces that tell the story of their lives. Some designers the reviewer had never heard of such as Maxime De La Falaise, while others are well known like Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent. The homes are steeped in history and the belongings come from afar. Some homes feel very royal-like while others appear old and cluttered. Louboutin’s residence felt very Spartan while Coco Chanel’s was full of gilded pieces. Kevin Carrigan’s home was this reviewer’s favorite because it felt like a “real” home where feet on the coffee table would be a welcome addition rather than frowned upon. The lines were clean and there was just enough furniture for comfort but not clutter or pretension. Beyond Chic gives the reader admission to nineteen iconic homes. This reviewer vicariously enjoyed the “good life” if only for a few minutes as she perused this beautiful book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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