DogDiariesBarryDog V.S. Snow


By Kate Klimo, Illustrated by Tim Jessell
Random House Children’s Books, $6.99, 160 pages

Dog Diaries #3 Barry is an engaging book about the life of a young Bari and his love for snow. Barry is a Bari or better known as a Saint Bernard. Barry has a true passion for finding lost travelers in the “White Death”. He goes on many missions trying to find and save lost travelers in the strong wind, fog, snow, and rain of the terrain around the Hospice that he lives in.  Set in the time of Napoleon, Barry tries his hardest to save the lost travelers but thinks of it more as a hobby and passion rather than an everyday search and rescue mission.  Barry teaches the reader to persevere even through the toughest of times. Barry experiences loss and harm throughout the book.  An awesome feature of the book is, that in the back of the novel there is an inside look at Bari’s/Saint Bernard’s. By the time the reader turns the last page they will be begging for more.

Reviewed by Alyssa Elwell

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