HaleyHobsonsHipGuideInspiration to Healthy, Active Lifestyle


By Hayley Hobson
CreateSpace, $24.95, 152 pages

An inspirational book is welcomed by many and can inspire us to healthy lifestyle, healthier foods and regular physical exercises. Sexy & Abundant Life is exactly about these. Author Hayley Hobson is a super-athlete, advanced yogi and doing everything to live in an admirable lifestyle most of us envy. This trade paperback book is nicely designed and illustrated by numerous photos and some healthy (though uninteresting) recipes. Unfortunately Hobson, while promoting this superb lifestyle, is promoting herself and her other books (blatantly advertising them). Once you get into its pages, you develop the feeling that this book is the author’s ego trip. I counted no less than fifty-eight photographs of her in the book from half to full page spreads, not including nearly hundred thumbnail photos of the seven yoga sequences she demonstrates.

“By the time you get to the end of the book, you will have learned how to live with freedom, prosperity and compassion and turn into a system that works for you.”

The book reads more like a diary, all about her and some about her family. Some tables she included, like foods “proven to lower stress levels” are listed without reference to the source. Included are the top ten success squares, ten reasons to have sex, and eleven healthy habits. You can safely pass on this book.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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