HereonEarthA Menagerie of Animals for Young Readers


By Marcia Perry
Pomegranate, $15.95, 60 pages

Artist Marcia Perry offers a menagerie of animals for each letter of the alphabet that the title, Here on Earth, indicates we humans are so lucky to share this planet with. From awesome alligators and inquisitive iguanas to rummaging raccoons and zebras in Zambia, alliterative text is combined with friendly and colorful illustrations to introduce young readers to the wide diversity of animal life on Earth. Throughout the text readers are presented with a variety of vocabulary and gain a glimpse of animal forms, behavior, and habitats. Learn about finely feathered Flamingos and how Narwhals, Nautili, Nudibranchs, and Needlefish “navigate the ocean’s neighborhoods.” Did you know that “Umbrella Birds are uncommon” but “Unicorns, though unreal, are very common”? Perry provides good facts about animals but brings a humorous side to this small book perfect for little hands. The letter X provides an opportunity to learn about extinction, while the letter Z reminds “Amazing animals from A to Z inhabit every zip code and zone.” This is a wonderful book for young kids to read with their parents, here on Earth.

Reviewed by Michael Barton

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