IKnowALotSimple Lessons, Great Illustrations


By Stephen Krensky, Illustrated by Sara Gillingham
Abrams Appleseed, $6.95, 12 pages

I know A Lot! is a book your child will see themselves in and it will reinforce what they know. It teaches through opposites, rhyming, and illustrations. Your child knows that rocks are heavy and flowers are light. That bright means daytime and dark means nighttime. Balls bounce and kites fly. It teaches safety by highlighting that stoves are hot, while snow is cold. The bright colored illustrations are fun to look at and easily reinforce the words that are on the page. This short, simple board book is one that your child will like to read over and over and then probably tell you what else they know beyond the topics in the book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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