LeftLove and Abandonment Expertly Woven Into This Story


By Tamar Ossowski
Skyhorse Publishing, $24.95, 238 pages

Left will leave you breathless as you meet Therese, Leah, Matilda and Franny. Each chapter is an alternating perspective of Theresa, Matilda or Franny. Theresa and her two daughters suddenly leave Therese’s mother’s house and show up at Leah’s house miles away. Leah and Therese share a long history of friendship and silence. Therese leaves Franny with Leah and then moves to a new town with Matilda. There is no explanation or communication from Therese on why she does this and Franny and Matilda process the abandonment in different ways. Slowly and expertly, Ossowski shares details from the past so that the reader can piece together what might be the underlying reason for Therese’s flight. If a parent, the reader will have a tough time understanding Therese’s actions.

Ossowski writes with such realism, the reader will really connect with each character intimately. Franny has special needs as Matilda tries to stretch her wings into adulthood. In the end, there are some startling revelations and connections that the reader will be surprised by. Upon finishing Left, the reader will realize how skilled Ossowski truly is in developing her storyline.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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