By Will Chluho
Twiitaga Pte LTD, $22.95, 256 pages

An unconscious boy is found on the shores of Ahio Island in the Pacific by three men: a priest, a warrior and a trader. The island, ruled for many years by an enlightened king who died in a shipwreck, is governed by these men. They try to follow their king’s governing principles of protection, providence and peace and take care or “father” the boy in turns. Each one of them teaches the boy his own skills. Unfortunately this nice and otherwise smart boy has lost his memory. He remembers only one thing: he had a bag. While exploring the island the boy finds his bag in the cave of a mysterious skinhead hermit who also possesses great wisdom. From a few documents and a photo found in the bag, the boy learns his real name and the purpose of his voyage, one that he is determined to finish.

“At every step, big or small, a flash of light is all I need.”

Lemonade Revealed by Will Chluho is an interesting read. On one hand the book is a little strange, but on the other, it is a  wonderful mix of the present and the past, real and fictional geography and a dose of philosophy and theology. The plot is only a frame used to discuss (often in a parabolic form) important issues including freedom, tyranny, destiny, divine intervention and self-acceptance. The novel also illustrates that not all wise ideas are best and instead of resolving problems, can cause even more. But Chluho does a good job expressing the notion that everyone, at some point in their lives, needs to see light in others and themselves, even if it is a feeble or frail light.

Chluho, who studied theology earlier in life and now focuses on philosophy, has found a very interesting way to share his thoughts, attitudes and contemplations with readers. This book will keep your attention all the way to the end.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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