MyMomisthBestCircusWelcome to the Family Circus!


By Luciana Navarro Powell
Random House Children’s Books, $7.99, 26 pages

Women are superheroes! As wives, sisters, employees, bosses, aunts, best friends, grandmothers, and especially as mothers, they balance so many duties each day. As Mother’s Day approaches, consider buying Luciana Navarro Powell’s charming board book for the dynamic mom in your life. My Mom is the Best Circus puts into words what children feel about their loving, selfless mothers. Help remind her why her family loves her so much!

If you have ever been to the circus, you know that each ring is filled with all kinds of exciting activity – sometimes you don’t know where to look! The book features two children who are enjoying laughing and playing with their mom. She is “the best circus, a one-woman show. She’s the ring master, a juggler, and the band maestro.” The kids are amazed to discover that their mother can tame wild beasts (a huge load of dirty laundry with a mind of its own), walk on stilts (grown-up high heeled shoes) and perform magic (make a delicious dinner from just a few ingredients). In each illustration, Powell uses colors and items found in the big top – the billowing yellow and red bedroom drapes would fit right in as a circus tent. A bedside light is takes the shape of a sweet gray elephant. Find out what other circus jobs mom can take on in My Mom is the Best Circus.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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