PantoneColorPuzzlesA Entirely New Way to Learn Colors


By Pantone, Illustrated by Tad Carpenter
Abrams Appleseed, $16.95, 12 pages

Pantone Color Puzzles approaches learning colors and shapes in a new and engaging way. The book opens with the color yellow (or Pantone 101, 109, 124, and 1225). So your child learns that yellow (and all the colors in this book) is much more than just one color, but instead many different shades. With the four color shades shown on each page, there are also shapes and patterns and a cute illustration on the left side of the page using the shapes to form a picture. The shapes from the picture can be placed on the right side page in the correct shape and shade shown. Beyond yellow, there is orange (in four shades such as salamander orange and apricot orange), red, blue, green and purple.

This book has so many layers because it teaches colors, shades, shapes, patterns and also is a puzzle book. A child could easily be immersed in this book for hours. The illustrations are darling, the colors are bold and bright and the ability to learn is impressive in this robust board book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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