RawrIt’s Not Easy Being a Green T-Rex


By Todd H. Doodler
Scholastic, $12.99, 32 pages

The main character of Todd H. Doodler’s book RAWR! is bigger than every kid and teacher at school and his is even bigger than the bus! But he is often misunderstood. People think that because he is so big, he is scary. But that just isn’t true. RAWR! is a sweet, funny book that reveals the unique, positive parts of our new dino friend’s personality. Read it to learn what makes him special (besides his winning smile!). Dino points out that being big can be a good thing – he always makes super slam-dunks during basketball games!

“RAAAAWWWRRR! means HELLO in Dinosaur!”

This tall, yellow-eyed, sharp-toothed, tiny-armed, long-tailed, green Tyrannosaurus Rex wants you to know that it is actually hard being a dinosaur! Young readers will enjoy literally feeling our star dino on the book’s special 3D front page – the figure of the green T-Rex is made from cloth and plumped up perfectly so little hands can trace his outline and body. Children with sensory challenges will especially benefit from being able to feel the main character as they read the book. The next time you meet a dinosaur on the playground, please don’t be scared. Guess what? You many have just met your new best pal. A big, loud “Raaawwwrr” is his way of greeting you!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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