SeasonoftheWitchA Compelling Teen novel


By Mariah Fredericks
Schwartz & Wade Books, $16.99, 256 pages

When Toni has a fling with Oliver, the most popular girl in school’s sometimes boyfriend, she knows the fallout will be bad. But she hasn’t planned on Chloe making it her mission to make her life a living hell. When Chloe and her friends take their plot too far, Toni decides that she needs revenge. Teaming up with her new and disturbing friend Cassandra, they work to cast spells in order to balance the scales a bit.

Season of the Witch is an insightful look at the relationships between teenagers by author Mariah Fredericks. In it, she makes keen observations about the conflicts girls have over relationships, popularity contests, bullying and how hard it is to stand up for what is right. She also deals with the power of guilt and the trouble with magical thinking. The book is nicely paced, has complex and well-written characters that feel real. This is a great book for older teens or young adults.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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