Sirens&SinnersA Visual Treat for Movie Buffs


By Hans Helmut Prinzler
Thames & Hudson, $75.00, 308 pages

Sirens & Sinners: A Visual History of Weimar Film 1918-1933 is a beautifully constructed coffee table book that delves into a fascinating time in history. The Weimar Republic of Germany existed between the First and Second World War, and was a creative breeding ground for the film industry as new technology allowed for film to evolve from silent film to the early years of sound. This book displays seventy two films that give an overview of the creative ideas and talents of that era.

Sirens & Sinners includes an informative essay written by the author Hans Helmut Prinzler that gives an overview of the political climate of the time, trends seen in film, censorship faced by the industry, the more popular artists and evolving technology of the time among other things. The bulk of the book is then focused on individual films, with a short summary of each work and stunning black and white photographs taken during the filming. The book includes a total of 443 images, some of which are full colored images of movie posters. A wonderful book, Sirens & Sinners is perfect for classic movie buffs and readers interested in this very complicated time in history.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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