TapeIt&MakeMoreUnroll the Fun


By Richela Fabian Morgan
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., $14.99, 128 pages

When you think about it, the challenge of finding the perfect gift for a person who already seems to have everything can actually be pretty fun. You comb the aisles, wracking your brain, searching for that one outstanding gift that will just knock the socks right off of them…but you can’t seem to find that special present for the one who has it all. Panic sets in – what’s Plan B? Did you even make a Plan B?

Fear not! Gift shopping just got fun again thanks to Richela Fabian Morgan and his book, Tape It & Make More, a fantastically fabulous project guide filled with 101 DIY ideas to complete using average (or no-so-average) rolls of duct tape! It’s probably safe to say that even the person with everything doesn’t have a craft book like this. Wrap it up along with some colorful rolls of duct tape and you will be remembered fondly after your gift has been opened and the creative project making has begun. If you’re lucky, you may be invited over to make a cool project of your own!

Duct tape is surprisingly easy to work with and therefore perfect for DIY projects. It can be used for its intended purpose (as an adhesive) but it can also be cut, folded and sewn. In addition to the tape, there are a few materials needed for every project in the book: self-healing cutting mat, craft knife and extra blades, several metal rulers of different lengths with cork backing and scissors and detail scissors. Most projects require other materials that can be found around the house. Major craft stores have a section dedicated to rolls and rolls of duct tape in different colors, patters and textures. Using this nifty material, the recipient of this book (or you, if you can’t stand to part with it once you have it in your hands) can make accessories like hats, jewelry, slippers, a wrist corsage and lapel boutonniere, costumes like rabbit ears, wigs, masks and gloves. Make toys like kites, Frisbees, puppets and a marshmallow launcher. Once you have all your materials, the instructions are easy to follow and you’ll have your first completed duct tape project in no time!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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