BiographicalBibleRoom for Improvement


By Ruth A. Tucker
Baker Books, $29.99, 427 pages

The Bible is a rich narrative of lives, hopes, dreams, and philosophical messages. It is also populated by names that we know, and have learned about all of our lives. We have given them a biography, a way to understand them, their motivations and any impact it might have on our lives. In this book we explore, briefly, all the major players in the Bible, and how they lived and what they were like. This is a book obviously written for the Sunday school crowd, or people who go to Bible study; it really does not go into to much detail, as I thought it would, and if often brings up discussion points, made for a large group discussion on the many topics it brings up. The chapters are not meant to be read in order since you will often find the same paragraphs in the next chapter; from the one you have just finished reading.

This reviewer was honestly expecting something a bit different, and better edited. The gray boxes filled with little quotes from other sources about particular people in the Bible are distracting and never explained why they are there. Beyond that the writing does get a bit stale after awhile.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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