BoyWhoDiedSifting through Dreams


By Robert Moss
New World Library, $15.95, 304 pages

Robert Moss describes himself as a Dream Archaeologist, one who sifts through the vestiges of sleeping and lucid dreams to uncover priceless treasures. In his latest book, The Boy Who Died and Came Back, he plumbs his own journey from early childhood in Australia to the present. The book’s title derives from a statement a doctor made to his parents when he was three and overtaken by pneumonia and then he returned to his young body. It is a descriptor he finds more accurate than the more common current term of ‘near death experience’.

Divided into five sections, the chapters in the book are succinct and lush enough to keep the reader engrossed while at the same time they are teeming with memories, dreams and adventures. The content flows from past to present to dreamscape with ease and grace. It is a marvelously compelling mélange of story, teachings and dream practice. Moss proves himself to be fluent in the language and practice of all three.

Reviewed by Mary-Lynne Monroe

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