EyeofMindsIt’s Not a Game – Anymore


By James Dashner
Delecorte Press, $18.99, 313 pages

Michael can’t seem to get the image of Tanya throwing herself off the Golden Gate Bridge out of his mind. The fact that he had jumped to try to save her pretty much cemented into his brain the horrifying experience of falling to his death. But upon hitting the water, Michael didn’t die. Tanya did. When you’re in the VirtNet, a virtual reality gaming world, you can do anything – even beat death itself. The VirtNet is a place of dreams, fantasies and (as Michael is about to learn) nightmares.

A cyber-terrorist named Kaine is loose in VirtNet and he is somehow holding players hostage in the game. Too much time in VirtNet without a break in the real world makes a person brain dead. Michael discovers that this is happening to players just like him. What is behind Kaine’s motivation? What’s his agenda? Why is he killing players to achieve it? Now the government wants Michael to help them catch the cyber-terrorist. He recruits his best pals Bryson and Sarah and soon they are involved in a thrilling, dangerous adventure.

James Dashner, New York Times bestselling author of The Maze Runner series, is back to delight fans with The Eye of Minds, the first book in the Morality Doctrine series. Young readers of the digital generation (and their parents!) will enjoy how Dashner blends reality and fantasy to create an awesome read that is great for anyone who loves technology, gaming and virtual reality. Reluctant readers will eagerly commit to reading The Eye of Minds as it is filled with action-packed scenes, fast-paced dialogue a believable characters. Dashner fans – don’t forget that The Maze Runner movie is scheduled to be released sometime this year! Look for book #2 in the series (The Rule of Thoughts) coming in Fall 2014.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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