GrannyAlphabetCreative Take on Learning the Alphabet


By Tim Walker, Kit Hesketh-Harvey and Lawrence Mynott
Thames & Hudson, $40.00, 148 pages

The Granny Alphabet is certainly a new take on learning one’s ABC’s. Tim Walker has created a twinset: one with drawings of grandmothers and the second book with photographs. The first book of drawings presents each alphabet letter in order with an accompanying drawing. The drawings are whimsical, humorous, stylish and reminiscent of grandmothers everywhere. F is for Fussy and presents a grandmother laden in pink with her bow-adorned dog, while I is for inquisitive with a grandmother at a computer typing away. The illustrations are meticulous and the reader will easily spend hours capturing all the fine details.

The second book contains photographs, the letter, and some text or verses. There are 26 letters and verses and they add fun and interest to a very different take on learning the alphabet. Not all photos are of grandmothers but instead a range of items like D for Dora’s 110 dishcloths and F for Fenella’s false teeth! Both books are an ode to the alphabet, yes, but so much more including the beauty and clarity of old age. Readers will reminisce about their grandmothers and if alive, perhaps give them an extra hug and even a dose of healthy respect!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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