ManagersGuidetoHRIndispensable Tool for Every Manager


By Max Muller
Amacom, $24.95, 304 pages

Max Muller’s second edition of The Manager’s Guide to HR has been fully updated and expanded. Its 10 chapters offer information on just about every facet of human resources you need to know including: hiring, performance evaluations, training, benefits, compensation, employment s laws, hot-button issues, privacy issues, firing and separation and documentation/record retention. Each chapter is loaded with practical information. To reinforce the information, there are examples, checklists and legal advice. For example, for the topic of interviewing, the author offers a table with the subject of a question and the acceptable and unacceptable version for a potential question on that topic. Muller lists practical information like common rating errors when writing performance evaluations. He also poses thoughtful questions to the reader so that the reader is challenged to really think through an issue and how it will be addressed.

“Hiring dumb is easy.  Hiring smart is hard.”

The Manager’s Guild to HR is an indispensable tool for any manager, whether or not you have an HR department within your company. Its practical, no-nonsense advice and information helps the reader think through issues, set up processes and gives a simplified understanding of complicated employee laws. Seasoned or newbie, every manager needs this book so that they are fully armed to create sound workplace processes and procedures.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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