By Jackie Collins
St. Martin’s Press, $7.99, 501 pages

The Power Trip, Jackie Collins’s latest book has all the elements one would expect from her – love, sex, greed – all taking place on a luxurious yacht in the Sea of Cortez. The characters include a powerful Russian oligarch, sexy super models, a cheating senator, and glamorous movies stars. These characters that we meet have plenty of money and power and all are trying to gain control while on a birthday cruise. They are hoping that this trip will allow them to leave their worries on the dock. They are sadly mistaken, especially when trouble still finds them in the gorgeous seas.

Over time, Ms. Collins has become a master of her genre and still continues to shine and doesn’t let the reader down. This book was a fast read, but a detour of what normally rests upon my to-read pile and I enjoyed the trip to the Sea of Cortez, courtesy of Ms. Collins. A note to all – this book isn’t a Lucky Santangelo book – one of her more famous and more associated characters, but that being said, I think whomever picks this up, will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy The Power Trip as much as I did.

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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