TimeFetchA Solid Fantasy Novel


By Amy Herrick
Algonquin Young Readers, $16.95, 307 pages

Edward has never been much for friends. He is content to work on trying to remain invisible at school and just getting through each day as it comes. Things take a turn when he picks up a stone that oddly calls to him – little does he know it’s a fetch filled with foragers of time and should have been left undisturbed. By picking it up, Edward sets off a series of events that could have dire consequences for him and for the entire world.

The Time Fetch is a wonderful fantasy adventure book by author Amy Herrick. Perfect for teens, she weaves the narrative of the fantasy tale seamlessly in with the story of the characters and their struggles to fit in and become friends. Edward is a well-written character and his new friends – Feenix, Brigit, and Danton are equally complex and interesting. The plot progresses logically and at a good pace. On the whole, this is a great read for fans of fantasy novels.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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