WhatKeepsLeadersUpAtNightLearn the Psychological Reasons Behind the People Challenges at Work


By Nicole Lipkin
Amacom, $21.95, 272 pages

Anyone who manages people knows that the people part of their jobs is the most time consuming, frustrating and even baffling, part. Nicole Lipkin relates a very personal hiring story as the impetus for her book What Keeps Leaders Up at Night. Lipkin is a clinical psychologist and consultant and uses this knowledge to understand, dissect and correct the people problems that are most exasperating in the work environment. She addresses eight different scenarios including why does a good boss act like a bad one and why does a good team go bad. Other topics are why people resist change and how stress can detract from performance.

“It takes time and effort for anyone to change, including yourself, especially when it comes to altering the way you relate to people.”

What Keeps Leaders Up at Night is loaded with research, stories, diagrams and graphs with a wealth of helpful information and insights. It is a dense book, though, so pull out the highlighter and mark key information so that you can find it again. Anyone who has managed people on the job will nod their heads in agreement at the many frustrating scenarios outlined in this book. Managers would be wise to arm themselves with this book, so that they are better prepared to understand and address the issue when the next “situation” arises.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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