WhatYourDreamsTellYouSeeking the Truth From the Giver of Dreams


By Cindy McGill with David Sluka
Chosen, $13.99, 174 pages

If you are looking for a common dream dictionary this book is not it. But that’s ok because What Your Dreams Are Telling You by Cindy McGill is different and goes much deeper than that. It adds a dimension of spirituality that gets one to thinking that maybe there is a higher power out there that is trying to tell us something as we sleep. By connecting with God one is able to learn the true interpretation of our dreams (as opposed to being taken in by other similar sounding “voices.”) For instance, lie dreams, which can lead us astray, often sound the same as truth dreams, or even self-dreams for that matter. (Although there are many influences, Cindy focuses on these 3 as the main sources of our dreams.) But this is only one aspect of establishing “a framework for proper dream interpretation.”

Don’t feel alone if you become overwhelmed with at least some part of this whole dream interpretation process. For we as dreamers and seekers of truth do genuinely want a proper interpretation. Listen to Cindy when she tells us that “learning your own dream language and discerning the right interpretation for your dreams is a journey.”  So, gaining the proper insight is hardly expected to happen overnight. Just stay patient, don’t despair and use this book as your continual guide.

The author really shines in the chapter entitled “When God Gives a Dream” and in the encouraging words she has for us in the final chapter “Dream On and Live”.  There could not be a more perfect example than the dream Ed Smart had not long after his daughter was kidnapped. He revealed to a TV interviewer that Elizabeth appeared to him. He saw her “walking through a door” and she came to him and “gave him a hug.” It was in that moment, as he held his daughter tightly in his dream, that he had an intense feeling that she was still out there and she was still alive. Thankfully, the teenager was rescued nine months after her abduction. This family, with strong Christian values, was able to connect with God, garnering hope from a dream, to bring Elizabeth home.

The book is well-written although at times one is left wanting more; like this is a treatise to the volumes that are sure to follow.  But, all in all, if you are a dreamer searching for answers in your life this book can definitely put you on the right path and by connecting with the “Giver of Dreams” it can only enhance your life even more.

Reviewed by Kathleen Godwin

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