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Paul Kearney’s A Different Kingdom is a fantasy rich with fairy tale danger. Young Michael Fay grows old before his time when he is lured through a doorway between worlds by the enigmatic Cat. Quickly learning that his rural Irish upbringing isn’t enough to help him survive, Michael grows into a trained warrior and woodsman thanks to the help of the Fox-Folk and the fey creatures known as Wyrim. Deciding that he was brought to this world for a reason, Michael sets his sights on the Horseman’s castle, believing his beloved Aunt Rose to be trapped inside. Michael and Cat delve deeper into the Wolfweald forest, unaware of the dangers that await them.

“Some say there is a different world for every story ever told or untold, and that there is no such thing as the here and now, only the unfolding of infinite possibilities, all of them real in some place or another.”

A Different Kingdom is a bit misleading, as the character Michael is described as having spent an entire lifetime in the other world. While he does age much faster than normal, the actual time he spent in the other world is only about a year. Granted, he does experience some very traumatic events during his travels, but he does not actually spend an entire lifetime away. The dream-like quality of the writing is part of the book’s appeal but, some readers may find the pacing of the book slows down as a result of this particular style. Not for readers looking for a fast read, A Different Kingdom offers a thoughtful book on growing up, the loss of innocence, and the consequences of the choices we make.

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