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Outside of zombies, this book made this reviewer realize that she doesn’t really like movies about aliens, the apocalypse, contagions, and whatever else a movie might be about that is focused on the demise of the human race. And what a history of the demise it has been. This book might actually freak you out a little as it makes you realize that so many writers have written about the complete extinction of man and usually at a very slow and painful rate be it through swarms of bugs, massive natural disasters, or alien invasions. With twenty-three chapters that break down every aspect of Armageddon, you will surely feel like a sociopath as you spend the rest of your life fearing for the worst and complete with its own soundtrack (page 394)!

“People who think they are faithful find they have been left behind.”

There are plenty of old movie posters throughout this book, each detailing some crazy B rated sci-fi movie, but they are so interesting to look at and so detailed. Overall, this really is a fun book to read through and packed with so much information, but if this sort of thing gives your nightmares, this reviewer would suggest passing on the book!

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