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Here is a book that dog lovers will love. Cat people may also read it but with considerably less enthusiasm. Beautiful Old Dogs is a collection of essays on old dogs by twenty-dog owner. All were edited for correct readability. The essays range enormously in topic and writing skill; some are a short paragraph, others several pages long, some poetry too. Some essays are written as a dog would have spoken, one a conversation between a master and his dog, and a few are not about dogs at all. Some essays are unclear, obscure.

“These dogs have love and compassion and they are willing to give it to anybody who takes care of them.”

We even have one that’s a dog’s presumed Last Will and Testament. And we have an essay about a guide dog, and one emotional one about an old widower with no interest in life until he met his old dog companion. This volume has no author but the name of a professional photographer, Garry Gross, who presents a portrait of on old dog with nearly every essay (but not the dog of that essay). The photos are beautiful. The book ends with an extensive list of resources for the care and custody of older dogs with a brief description of the organization and its contact.

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