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It is Halloween in the Calendar Mysteries: October Ogre book and Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy are ready to get dressed up and have some scary fun at the haunted house. But when they notice something weird happening with the kids they call on Officer Fallon to help them find out what is going on. Then he too disappears. Can the kids figure out the mystery before they too become part of the mystery?

“But what is zombies and ogres were real?”

This book reminded this reviewer of Goosebumps but definitely not as scary, which this reviewer liked because she doesn’t like scary things. The cover on this book is very colorful and you can see from the kids’ faces that something isn’t right and this makes you want to read it. It is a short chapter book, but easy enough for even newer readers to enjoy and the larger text helps a lot. There is also artwork in the book that goes along with the story. This reviewer found she really liked this book, even though it is meant for younger kids, and she would definitely go back and read the other books in this series as well as recommend this book to other kids.

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