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Formats: Hardcover
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The Cinderella story is not a new one and this new children’s book Cinderella: A Fashionable Tale does not add anything to the old tale. Cinderella is downtrodden, living with her stepmother and stepsisters as little more than a slave and wears only rags. Saddened when she cannot go to the ball, she makes a wish and her fairy godfather shows up and makes her a princess for the night. She eventually returns to the castle to marry the man of her dreams. It was disappointing to see that the book did not change much about the original story other than the clothes and the fairy godmother being swapped out for a godfather (presumably because fashion designers are primarily male). Cinderella herself seems to have no purpose in the book other than to look pretty and wait for someone to rescue her. This emphasis of style over substance is a poor message for girls today. The illustrations in the book are well done and drawn and the author takes inspiration from high fashion throughout the years, which is a nice touch. Children will likely enjoy looking at this book before going on to a more interesting story.

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