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What a fantastic way to put an interesting spin on the more often than not, less interesting history learned in school. If all history books were provided to high school students in the format that Historical Heartthrobs is – as well as all subjects – I can guarantee there would be a bigger interest in learning. This book is quirky, full of facts, has a phenomenal visual layout, and I walked away feeling smarter, despite already being a history major. The layout is very appealing and consistent throughout the entire book providing the same platform for each person’s story to be told. At the end of the book there is a decent length addition of recommended further reading that provides both an educational spin and a must read list of even more quirky books that are a must have.

“Sure, proto-feminist Isadora Duncan didn’t believe in marriage, but that didn’t stop her from having a fling or twelve.”

There is no question that you should buy this book, in fact, why haven’t you yet? While you’re at it, go buy several more copies and take them to your local high school history teachers. They will thank you!

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