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If kids are lucky, they are surrounded by people who love them. It’s the way children should grow up. They hear the words, get hugs and kisses – that’s how humans tell each other that they care. But how do animals show affection towards one another? It’s a good question! In her book How Do Lions Say I Love You?, author Diane Muldrow focuses on the loving relationships of 12 types of animals. Muldrow’s gentle rhymes and David Walker’s corresponding illustrations introduce each animal and the ways they show affection to their families. Mother elephants “hug in their own special way. ‘I’m here, my dear,’ is what they seem to say.” Mom curls her long trunk around baby’s trunk and up and over her head and shoulders. It really is like a hug! And what about wolves? They say, “I love you” with “a howl and a huddle” – mom and dad pull their cubs in tight by their sides and howl together at the moon. When a male peacock wants to impress a lady, he “says I love you with his feathers and flair.” Illustrator David Walker’s soft, relaxing images of animals having a cotton-candy sweetness. They are soothing, beautiful and add to the book’s overall message of happiness and love. Do you want to know how lions say, “I love you?” Read the book to find out – you’re guaranteed to get warm fuzzies.

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