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Lia’s Magic Dragon is a book designed by the company DigitalSpartPen.com to demonstrate the abilities of its product, the interactive ebook and Livescribe Sound Stickers. With the Livescribe Sound Stickers a particular individual can personalize the book so that a child can use the pen to have the book read to them without necessitating that person’s presence. The pen and stickers combo also gives the child the ability to search for more information on subjects described in the book, hear the book read in a different language, and tap individual words to hear a sound associated with them. The pen and stickers combo is a unique product because any book a child owns can be turned into an interactive reading experience, as long as it has been previously set up. How do you Make a Dragon Laugh? follows a little girl named Lia as she is abducted by aliens, travels to a foreign planet and learns about the various creatures housed in a zoo there.

She comes upon a dragon in the zoo and spends a day with the single goal of making the dragon laugh. After her experience she wakes in her own bed as if nothing has happened, but was it all a dream? Some difficult to pronounce words and varied subjects (like listening to a four year old tell you a story from their imagination) within the book make sense in light of the functions of the product being advertised. As a stand- alone book however, it doesn’t quite make sense or tell a tale worth repeating. The illustrations are engaging, though.

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