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Has your child always dreamed of becoming a pirate? Well now they can learn how, directly from pirates themselves! The timeless classic series Little Golden Books has teamed up with author Sue Fliess, and invites readers to come aboard a pirate ship for a day of adventure. In How to Be a Pirate, a group of three young landlubbers meet a crazy crew of goofy pirates. The kids suit up in pirate gear and set out to sail across the rolling seas.

Want to know the pirate rules? There certainly aren’t many! “No more toothpaste! Farewell, bath! Once ye choose the pirate path.” Fliess’ rhyming verse is filled with energy and pirate pizzazz, which guarantees this book will become a read-aloud favorite in the classroom and at home. There’s plenty of pirate lingo to learn: matey and scallywag, buccaneer and gangway, blimey and yo-ho-ho!

No detail is spared in Nikki Dyson’s colorful, festive illustrations. The red parrot wears a tiny pirate bandana of his very own, anchor tattoos and eye patches can be spotted on the pirate crew and readers with sharp eyes will spot spy-glasses, the jolly roger and a peg leg or two! Welcome to the world of pirates! Find out what the three young kids do to really impress their new crew!

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