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Cleis Press is known for its collections of short, sexy, stories. None of the stories in Lust in Latex: Rubber Sex Stories are very long, and they all involve some steamy romance. For people who want a quickie, these collections are the way to go. The theme of this particular collection is “rubber,” which in this case means PVC clothes and the like. The collection features characters who want to dress differently, act differently, and just be plain sexy. These stories are a bit different than the “standard” sex and romance story. In this collection, characters find some kink they have kept hidden for years, or did not even know they had, and then they are encouraged to explore that kink with a partner who enjoys it very much. Not all the stories involve dressing in rubber clothes, and those stories feel a bit out of place in a collection about rubber sex. All in all, this is another very sexy collection from Cleis Press, and since the stories are not very long it is easy to enjoy a few at a time.

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