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Marada The She-Wolf is a visual classic that has been brought back to life in this beautifully illustrated side table sized hardbound book, symbolic of many Titan books. You’d have to be blind to not be instantly drawn to the pages filled with not just the original two She-Wolf stories, but three. She-Wolf is one of those stories that took a daring leap, giving women the iconic sexual wantonness wrapped into a powerful role all their own, void of heroic males coming to the rescue. Along with a backstory of how She-Wolf came to be, you also get a Roman history lesson mixed with mythology and fantasy. You also gain a deeper feel of her story and fight as you see her move through complete defeat and passivity to great strength and protection. The artwork utilizes perfect form, effective shading and colors that mold each frame into its own story.

“My mother asked Deiphobe, the Sybelline oracle at Cumae, about me, and told me that I would hold the fate of the world in my hands.”

Whether you have history with the Starhair or are picking her up for the very first time, you will definitely want to add this beauty to your bookshelf or table. It will surely be a conversation starter!

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