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Patti Cake has a new big room and a new bed. Bella, the babysitter, promises to take Patti Cake shopping for a new-room present the next day. That night the room is dark and a bit scary. The next day, Bella buys a doll that is a little smudgy and imperfect named On-Sale. Patti Cake loves that On-Sale has a two-word name like her and that she is a little smudgy. When Patti Cake returns home, she attempts to clean On-Sale up. Instead, things get a little messy with the nail polish and Tootsie, the dog. On-Sale was afraid since she was not used to dogs and blasting water. Bella made a cake and things got even crazier and messier as Tootsie jumped on the table to eat the cake. At bedtime, Patti Cake was not scared any longer because No-Sale was with her. Then Tootsie joined them on the bed. Patti Cake realized that her room was pretty great, after all.

Patti Cake and Her New Doll is a cute story that any child dealing with change will be able to relate to. The gentle wording, colorful pages and humor will all help your child get more comfortable with anything new.

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