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Plants vs. Zombies: Brain Food was probably the most awesome and fun book of any of the PVZ books I have read so far! At about an inch thick, the cover has a zombie eating a bright red brain with bold yellow text over it. When I first opened the book, I got a rush of excitement because it is not only a book to read, but also a book you can write in! Interactive books let me use my imagination to help write the story and are so much fun! There are quite a few puzzles inside and the answers are included in the back of the book so you won’t be stuck. The only way this book would have been better is if it came with a piece of clear plastic and a dry-erase marker to put over the pages so you could do the puzzles and games over and over.

“There once was a zombie from York, who always ate brains with a fork.”

I definitely recommend getting the hardcover book, as it gives you something hard to write on and just makes it more durable. If you are going to buy any of the PVZ books, this should definitely be the one! I easily give it five stars!

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