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Poet-Linc: Poetry Slam has a visually stunning bright red cover with the title laid out as if pieces from one of those magnetic word games, which gives it an eclectic appeal. With the contrasting white title against the red cover, it would be difficult to just walk by and not want to at least pick it up and glance through the pages. The cover does a perfect job of telling readers exactly that the book is about a teen poetry slam performance.

“I want to wrap myself around her letters, crawl into her definition where he does not belong.”

This book is not the typical poetry book. Instead, it is written by a group of teens that presented their poems live, during a competition against one another. The book is broken up into declarative, narrative, and free verse. This book is meant for readers who appreciate the power of words and like to see some friendly competition, which is exactly what you get. I am not sure most teens would actually choose this book to read, but for those that do, this reviewer thinks they will find it a very good book to read.

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