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From the moment babies hit the stage where they’re ready for ABC books they can’t seem to get enough of them. As parents, you want to offer different and unique choices so those little minds experience variety and are challenged each day.

Author and illustrator Hannah Viano’s S Is For Salmon is not your typical ABC book. It is fresh, the artwork is excellent and every kiddo practicing their ABCs should have a copy of this beautiful book. Viano is the perfect person to illustrate an alphabet book about the outdoors. She grew up on the coast of Maine, has been an outdoor educator and adventurer all over the world and has settled in Seattle to write and work on her art. Kids ages 2-5 and anyone who appreciates paper-cut illustrations will love the book’s journey through the Pacific Northwest.

“HORSETAILS are 100 million years old and still make the best pretend swords.”

D is for Douglas Fir, while S is for Salmon. T is for Trillium and W is for Whale. In addition to the lovely illustrations, Viano includes both the upper and lower case of the letter and a creative sentence that uses the word. “Hungry for a meal of fish, a bald EAGLE watches from a high perch, then makes its dive.” Add this beautiful book to your child’s library as soon as possible!

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