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In Sign of the Throne Abby Brown learns her haunting dreams are portents of things to come, and that she is tied to the young man she keeps seeing. After meeting the Queen Eulalia, trapped on the wrong side of the portals to her world, Abby learns she is the only hope the queen has left. She is tasked with convincing David of his royal heritage before his twenty-third birthday, because if he does not take up the crown his kingdom will fall into darkness.

Sign of the Throne conjures the feel of a familiar fairytale. Unfortunately, this familiarity is primarily why the book often struggles to maintain a reader’s attention. Instead of bringing something new to the table, the book disappears into the wealth of fairytales and folklore that literature has already been inundated with over the ages. Challenges are surmounted with ridiculous ease and barely any effort on the part of the main characters. The mythology aspect does set this book apart from numerous others in the Young Adult genre, however, so readers interested in the subject may enjoy giving Sign of the Throne a try.

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