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Shannon Belew has written an indispensable guide to using social media to create, enhance or finalize your selling process. The sales process has changed dramatically because consumers are not entirely dependent on a salesperson to learn about a good or service. Belew suggests using social tools to gain insight into the mindset of current and potential consumers with strategies that include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. The book’s 16 chapters cover robust concepts such as building a case for why social media is key for any selling strategy, outlining the most important rules for social interactions and explaining how important peer influence is to the sales process today.

“Facebook has been one of the first social media sites to aggressively offer businesses the opportunity to monetize the social experience, banking on its ability to provide highly targeted access to its expansive number of monthly active users.”

There is an excellent chapter on finding, tracking and engaging the social customer. The chapters for each social tool such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, online communities and visual tools like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are filled with helpful information, action items and bulleted lists. The book closes with three compelling case studies. Whether you are a social media pro or completely new to the social media world, you will get lots of great tips and learn valuable strategies to implement right away to ensure sales success.

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