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Carla Dupree, the young orphan of a wealthy tycoon, is bored. Her life is a complete mess. She spends time shopping, smoking and visiting new NY eateries. They are her best friends and her main entertainment. She also has a new man every night. One day Carla wakes up in yet another unfamiliar apartment. Looking at her purse, she finds a single buck. It seems strange to her because she usually carries large bills. She pities it and decides that she will treat this one dollar differently. She draws a heart around Washington’s head and hides the buck in her eight hundred dollar bra. Her afternoon smoke break in Central Park is disturbed by a stranger. This meeting alters Carla’s life. A few months later Carla leaves the special dollar bill on top of a pile of food along with a large amount of money on a bench to be found by a homeless person. The single buck’s journey begins…

“…there was something strange about this particular dollar, something…unique.”

Doubtless, T.R Whittier has found an original way of approaching her storyline. The Buck Pass is an anthology of lovely written short stories connected by the journey of one particular dollar. The possession of this single bill surprisingly changes lives for the good. With the dollar in their possession, solutions to problems become more apparent. For example, they find love, inspiration and strength to stand up for their beliefs.

Furthermore, it is not only the dollar that ties people together. The buck unexpectedly shows up in the hands of people that are related to one another. All the “lucky dollar” possessors develop a sentimental attachment to the buck and, before giving it away, mark it (like Carla does by drawing a heart around Washington’s head). The buck’s smooth transition from one owner to another makes for an enjoyable story that is easy to read and will lift the spirits of any reader.

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