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Michael Collin’s book of poems, The Traveling Queen, is a four-part work written with a particularly unique ambiance of poetic prose and verse. Each section is broken into a theme, taking readers on an inimitable journey entwined around varying historical and personal events including racial struggle and torture, Virgil and the souls of Hell, and the nightmares of war, just to name a few. Collins immerses himself into each poem taking on the character with impassioned fervor, illustrated by the language used, apparent pain and suffering of the characters, love and loss, and the demise of one’s soul; a continual theme as you progress through the poems.

“Him say him was frightened of him own wife.”

As it is a book on the shorter side, readers might quickly find they either love it or are not that into it and reading through the book at a slower pace would allow themselves adequate time to absorb the material, grasping exactly where Collins is coming from. If you have an innate appreciation for deep and meaningful poetry, you will want to be sure you add this book to your home library.

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