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Can you believe that there are more than 200 Little Golden Books for new readers to experience for the first time as they discover the joys of reading? How wonderful it is that there are so many to choose from, including the classic fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Imagine a poor soldier’s surprise when he returns from the war to find that there are twelve princesses in the kingdom, all beautiful daughters of the king. He quickly learns that every night their father locks their castle windows and doors to keep them safe, but every morning, a pair of dancing slippers is found at the foot of each princess’ bed. Where do they go at night and how do they escape? The king offers a reward to any man who can find out their secrets – he can choose any of the girls to marry and he’ll inherit the throne!

Originally written by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, the story is retold by Jane Werner. Sheilah Beckett’s illustrations are stunning and make the story come alive. Each picture is straight out of the pages of an illuminated manuscript, with many gorgeous colors and flowing lines. The princesses wear twelve different colors and all adorn their hair with stylish accessories. Young girls will especially enjoy studying the detailed faces, hair and dresses of each of the princesses.

It is possible that even a young child may question why the king is permitted to marry off his daughters, but parents can remind young readers that this story was written long ago. It is important for kids to be introduced to the classic fairytales in order to compare and contrast them with modern stories. Read this charming tale to find out if the soldier can solve the mystery of the twelve dancing princesses.

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