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Designing modern cities is a major point of contention these days. There are many competing interests, and the old days of just urban sprawl are behind us. But how does one go about designing the modern, livable, city that people want to live in, play in, and enjoy themselves. This book explores how one firm goes about its design process, the steps it takes, and how it involves all the major players in designing new areas to live in. The first part explores how the project should be organized, what kind of team, or teams, you should have working on a project. The next part of the book explores how these teams flesh out schedules, and set goals. From meeting with stakeholders, and clients; to getting their ideas down on paper and seeing if it can work. Finally it is the execution phase, where you work with the client in actually going through the entire process. While it can be time consuming, in the end it can really help a downtown revitalize itself. This is defiantly a book for practitioners, though general readers will gain a greater understanding of how this works. This book will be of great use for students of urban design.

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